For major brands, we carry out every day formatting in full compliance with the graphic and printing constraints. Trained to the client's chart and its limitations, the team communicates and works throughout the day with the clients timescale to deliver clean final proofs before they leave for print.

Graphical declination

In respect of the graphic line and the development of campaigns for all types of support (paper, digital, video ...) we execute formatting in the requested dimensions. The team has the technical knowledge necessary to understand and follow the recommendations of advertisers.

Graphic identity adaptation

From the existing graphic chart, we propose and create new communication supports that meet customer's requirements. We adapt the files in the imposed formats and produce the PDF for printing in respect of all technical constraints.

Instore and Outstore communication

Creation and formatting of communication tools visible in sales areas such as point of sales advertising, communication, gondolas, posters… Files are checked and verified before printing. Formatting and creation of signage and dressing outside the sales area.

Automatic layout

Knowledge and daily use of tools to speed page layout and facilitate the transfer of information from the database to a graphic version. Quicker page layout with less errors.